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Diya Barmecha

16 Years

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Ascend International School


Blinkist-For the reader of tomorrow| App review by 16 year old from Kolkata

Blinkist is a book related app. Know about it? 16 year old Diya Barmecha from Kolkata reviews it. Tell us about your favourite app!

blinkist app review by users bookosmia
The app I have chosen to review is ‘Blinkist’. In our life we will read innumerable books to gain knowledge. For school and many jobs in the future there will be books that we are required to read. Most of these books are lengthy, not interesting or there is just not adequate time to read it.
Blinkist is an app that offers any books based on your liking and the broad topics of psychology, how to grow, economics and many others. The app summarizes the book in just 8 pointers which expand to 8 short pages. If you enjoy any one of the 8 short pages, you can expand those to a few more pages. A lengthy book is summarized in just 8 short pointers. There is a book either weekly, daily or monthly based on just your preference. This app helps you grasp knowledge quickly.
I have signed up for a daily blink which is the 8-point summary the book presents. Each day I open the app and read the 8-point summary and most of the times I expand the pointers.
I would recommend this app to everyone.
Regardless of whether you will use this app now, it will definitely help you in the future. You will be able to grasp knowledge and think of questions that you have never thought of before.

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