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Akshita Yadav

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Bhavans B.P Vidya Mandir


My New Friend Has Autism And I See Her | Poem | Bookosmia

My new friend has autism and I see her

I saw her,
sitting, hesitating, on the first day of school;
while others flaunted their eyebrows,
they appeared cool.

I beckoned her with a cheer, but her body language told a ”no”.
Her eyes were awfully beautiful, I marvelled at them.

She noticed me, a little annoyed ’cause of my recent attempts;
I was curious,
to listen to her voice was my only tempt.

I wandered back home,
“It isn’t just autism,
the society isn’t cooperative too.”

I felt in my bones.

I do not know about others but;
I saw her.






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