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My New Friend Has Autism And I See Her | Not That Different | Autism Awareness

My new friend has autism and I see her

Sara and Madhav Not that differentHey, Sara here with my new friend, Madhav.

Madhav is on the autism spectrum. He does certain things differently that get me thinking, but I realize that we are ‘not that different’ after all!



Poem by Akshita Yadav
It’s Autism Awareness Month and I am so proud of my friends for their wonderful write-ups on neurodiversity.
Here’s 14 year old Akshita Yadav, a Bookosmian from Nagpur with a thought provoking poem about how we need to ‘see’ people with autism.

Akshita is a student of Bhavans B.P Vidya Mandir, Trimurti Nagar(Nagpur).

My new friend has autism and I see her

I saw her,
sitting, hesitating, on the first day of school;
while others flaunted their eyebrows,
they appeared cool.

I beckoned her with a cheer, but her body language told a ”no”.
Her eyes were awfully beautiful, I marvelled at them.

She noticed me, a little annoyed ’cause of my recent attempts;
I was curious,
to listen to her voice was my only tempt.

I wandered back home,
“‘It isn’t just autism,
the society isn’t cooperative too’.”

I felt in my bones.

I do not know about others but;
I saw her.

My new friend has autism and I see her





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