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Dreaming Of Equality | Bookosmia

Dreaming of equality

I met a girl
A bit different than me
Who was on the roadside,
Selling handmade biscuits and tea.

She was wearing,
Ragged clothes and slippers;
For her father was one of the so-called beggars.

Dreaming of equality


After walking a distance,
I saw a glance,
Of a boy wearing a white round cap.
He was beaten; for this little boy
Had drunk the water from a holy worship tap.

I sympathized with their condition
Then I realized that there are millions of such people
Who are
Like the hearts and hopes of those considered ‘lower’,
Like Anne Frank and her family were once,
Like the farmers in debt.
Though there are richer and wiser ones, who could help But oh!


Dreaming of equality


The greed and hate in their hearts
Has become inseparable
Do they think
That the ones in apartheid
Other than bad luck, had no better fate?

But there are some,
Who are wise and good of heart,
Who understand their needs
And make us alert

That equality is a need for everyone
May our hate and greed forever shun

So, why don’t we,
Play our parts and lend our hands,
Restore peace and equality
And make the earth a place,
Where equal everyone stands?

Dreaming of equality




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