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How I Celebrate The Bengali New Year | Bookosmia

How I celebrate the Bengali new year

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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here.

read with Sara poem by Ishani Ghosh9 year old Ishani Ghosh, a Bookosmian from Kolkata tells us what a celebration for the Bengali New Year is like and it sounds so awesome! Did you also celebrate the new year in your state? Tell us!
Ishani is a student of Word Munchers and goes to Garden High School.

Bengali new year is a day to mark the beginning of the Bengali calendar. It is celebrated by the people of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam.


On Bengali new year we spend time with our family and friends for a day of enjoyment. On this day we offer puja to God Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.

How I celebrate the Bengali new year


People go to temples and offer prayers. People wear new clothes and seek blessings from the elders of their family. The people exchange and eat sweets. Certain shops also offer pujas to mark the beginning of a new year.


I too, celebrate this day with my family and friends. I wear a saree and offer puja with the rest of my family members. I distribute clothes and sweets to the needy.

How I celebrate the Bengali new year


I visit my friends, sing, dance and watch special television programmes on this day. The day flies by in a good sprit.

Last year I celebrated this special day very differently. Everyone met on a virtual platform due to Covid-19 pandemic. Technology had bought us together even though we were in our own houses.

How I celebrate the Bengali new year

This year we will all celebrate it once again and pray together so that Almighty helps us to overcome this pandemic situation and bless everybody with good health, safety and happiness.



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