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Magic called Yoga | Story by 8 year old from Kolkata

Happy #Yogaday all! 8 year old Anika from Kolkata brings to us this short story on how yoga transformed a young boy’s life.

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A magic called Yoga 


In a village long ago where people believed in magic, there lived a boy. His name was Rahul. He used to eat chocolates and junk food and did no exercise.


His mother kept telling him that he should stop eating unhealthy food and turn over a new leaf but he never understood.


It was said that once a year a fairy would visit the village.


Rahul eagerly waited for that day to come as he could ask the fairy a request and I think you may have guessed what he wanted.He wanted to become fit.


At last the day had come. Rahul set off on his journey to meet the fairy.


As he reached, he found the fairy. The fairy saw him. 

 “What do you want as a wish, Rahul?” the fairy asked.


Rahul replied “I want to become fit, fairy.”


The fairy sighed as she knew all about Rahul’s desire of becoming fit. But what Rahul needed was not magic, he needed discipline.


An idea hit upon her.


She said “I will make you fit but there is a condition. 

You need to exercise daily, do yoga and eat less junk food. Once you follow this, you can come to me in two years and I will make you fit.”


Rahul agreed.


From that day onwards, Rahul started eating healthy food and exercised daily. He also learned yoga.

His mother was shocked at the changes he had made. 


After two years were over, he went back to the fairy. 


As soon as the fairy saw him she flew to him. 

She said “You don’t need magic to make you fit. Your hardwork has made it happen. You should continue this and you will always be fit.”


Rahul understood and from that day on he was a fit and healthy boy. All thanks to his determination, Rahul had turned over a new leaf. 




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