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Yoga : Good health from head to toe| Poem by Vachi,11,Delhi

Have you tried Yoga? 12-year-old Vachi from Delhi urges us to try it for its many benefits, in this poem.

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Yoga : Good health from head to toe


Yoga is an exquisite key to health

And a practice good enough to win over the Commonwealth!


No stress, no pain, that’s how you feel. 

No more worries, you are a body of steel!


The more you practice, the healthier you will be 

All it needs is a moment away

From your routine even if you are as busy as a bee!


Just for a moment 

Clear up your mind, give up your thoughts

Enjoy the time and patience you’ve bought.


Steady your breathing, here we go!

Make yourself flexible from head to toe.


And that’s all you need

To bring a bright beginning to your day. 

Lets celebrate International Yoga day 

Like it is everyday! 


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