Mahika Verma

8 Years

Amity International School, Noida


If animals ruled the world| Blog by Mahika, 8, Noida

What if animals ruled the world? 8-year-old Mahika from Noida imagines quite an interesting world! 

lion king of the jungle poem bookosmia

If animals ruled the world then the king of the jungle- lion would be our leader. In the animal kingdom, there is only one rule and that is ‘Might is right’ so I think the lion would be the best candidate to rule among all other animals. 


The lion would ensure that rules and regulations are followed as humans are not very disciplined. If animals would be our leaders then there will be no deforestation as animals will not be making buildings, streets, and furniture. This deforestation will make Earth fertile and pure. Animals would also need less space for living whereas humans need lots of space like separate washing areas, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. 


In terms of demographics, the animal population would be much higher as the human gestation period is 9 months while most animals need less time. Crocodile eggs, for example, take 9-10 weeks to hatch. Animals would practice more life skills as they teach practical things to their babies for survival like chimpanzees play a game of run and chase to teach their babies self defense. Young giraffes can stand on their legs almost after an hour of being born whereas human babies take a year to walk. 


Unfortunately, the human race has abused our Mother Earth for its personal benefit. That is why we have problems with pollution and climate change but if animals rule the world then Earth would be greener as they would keep their natural home clean and green.


Did God send these creatures on Earth just to eat and sleep?  No,that was not the intention of God. They want us to do something for our mankind and for the purpose of sharing love and happiness. That is why we evolved from apes to intelligent human beings. Carnivores like lions, hyenas etc. attack other animals without even thinking about their grave pain but human beings are emotional and can feel others’ pain and grievances.  


Humans’ sharp brains can introduce new inventions and technology that could help others, but they should not be greedy and should not pollute nature.They should use their skills for developing a harmonious and peaceful world. I believe that if animals would rule the world, it would be a much greener planet that we can dream of. 

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