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Yoga : How it has changed my life| Poem by Praaptie, 13, Bhubaneswar

What value does Yoga bring to those who practice it? 13-year-old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar shares about her journey with Yoga. 

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Yoga : How it has changed my life


When silence speaks 

amidst the world’s deafening noise

amidst utter chaos

prevails peace and poise.


When the mind remains quiet 

and the soul speaks out

Yes, I have escaped the cage 

and my wings are stretched out.


This is the unfoldment 

of a beautiful chapter of my life

Yes, I have embraced Yoga 

for a healthy, happy and longer life.


A holistic practice is Yoga 

that keeps the body fit and soothes the mind

A secret weapon for wellness 

that cures diseases of all kinds.


Yoga is the healing of the soul 

through the means of body

Yoga is the light

bringing self- awareness into the darkest corner of our body.


Yoga is the shine that never dims

The more we practice,

the more it gleams.


Yoga promotes love and compassion for all beings,

Yoga unites us with nature and all living beings.


Not just some exercise

Yoga is the key to peace, bliss and stress-free life

It is the only way to avoid suffering

and one of the best apps to download in life.


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