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Thank you doctors| Poem by Aishwarya, 13, Bareilly

Let’s thank our doctor for taking care of us when we are sick. 13-year-old Aishwarya from Bareilly shows us how, in this poem.

Doctors - A note of gratitude to our unsung heroes

Thank you doctors 


Doctors are Gods sent for mankind

They are determined and devoted to their duties

Forget about everything when they see their patients are in difficulties.


A patient’s smile is what they desire

And they never ever feel tired

The white coat they have is like the light in darkness 

Their presence is the hope in illness.


They do their best to cure us and we can see how they care for us

No vacations, no day offs and no family time 

As they put their heart and soul for us in our tough times.


They swear by logic and science

They speak in scientific tones

Doctors are superheroes in white coats

Whose precious jewelry is the stethoscope.

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