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Jaipur City Palace: A must visit place | Blog by Kavyansh,12, Jaipur

Want a travel recommendation? 12-year-old Kavyansh from Jaipur loved his visit to the City Palace, Jaipur and shares about it in this blog. 

Jaipur City Palace Travel Blog kids Bookosmia

I am a proud Indian and a history lover. I am very interested in the history and culture of India. To experience this grand history, I went to the City Palace museum, also known as Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II museum, in my home city of Jaipur.


The City Palace, Jaipur is a royal residence and former administrative headquarter of the rulers of the Jaipur State in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was built during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. 


The museum has different galleries. The Sabha Niwas is the main hall which has a durbar-like setting. You can see many paintings of the royal family, Pichchwai paintings etc. To know what royals wore those days, you can check out Textile Gallery, where you can see robes, wedding finery, carpets, sports outfits and more.  The Sileh khana displays spectacular weaponry like a collection of 19th century swords. I really enjoyed the display of different daggers and the powerful shields in glass cases. One has to marvel at the craftsmanship of those times! 

Royal Palace Jaipur Travel blog bookosmia kids

It is a palace that was turned into a museum so it has colossal gates and carved walls. It shows historical artifacts and beautiful antiques. 

Jaipur city palace kids travel blog Bookosmia

The palace has a huge urn full of holy water from the River Ganga. The palace looks very grand. It was filled with tourists and visitors.


The museum was the perfect place to experience the grand and rich culture of India. 

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