Jash Chadha

9 Years

9 Years

DPS Bopal, Ahmedabad


Yoga se hi hoga| Blog by Jash, 9, Ahemdabad

As we celebrate Yoga day and wish everyone the best of health, 9-year-old Jash from Ahmedabad inspires us with his everyday Yoga schedule. 

Jash Ahmedabad Yoga Bookosmia blog

International Yoga Day : Yoga se hi hoga 



Yoga in Sanskrit means to unite or to connect. In practice it means to simulate individuals’ awareness by the union of mind and body.


I like to do yoga with my parents every morning. It helps us spend quality family time together and gain enormous physical and mental energy to face the challenges during the day. 


We perform various Pranayama (breathing exercises) that help us relieve stress. We perform asanas that help in stretching to increase flexibility. We started regular yoga practice during the coronavirus lockdown by watching videos on YouTube and practicing daily. 


This has helped me increase my concentration and gain focus.I tell my friends and family to do yoga daily because without a healthy body there is nothing. 


“Yoga se hi hoga.” 

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