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Trip to Fairy Land : The magical lunch box| Story by Alveena,9, Kolkata

What if you were magically transported to a fairy land where a genie granted you a wish? 9-year-old Alveena’s creative story explores this creative theme. 

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Trip to Fairy Land : The magical lunch box 


Once upon a time, in France, lived a little boy named Kevin. He was fond of traveling. One night, when he was sleeping, a pretty fairy took him to the Fairy Land. There was a beautiful beach there. It was full of golden seashells. 


Kevin took a golden shell and shook it rapidly.  Suddenly, a genie appeared. The genie asked him what he wanted. Kevin said he wanted a lunch box. The genie gave him a lunch box. The genie told him that whatever food he wanted, the lunch box would give him immediately.


Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. He asked the lunch box for pasta. The lunch box gave him pasta and he ate it happily. He asked the lunch box for ice-cream and he ate it. Then he asked the lunch box for candies and he ate it. He was so excited that he began to ask for several items at the same time. At this, the lunch box got confused and exploded. 


Kevin woke up with a scream. He realized it was all a dream. He felt sad. How he wished the magic lunch box was real. As he went to tell his parents about the dream, he smelled pasta. Was he dreaming again? No! He gave a yelp of delight as he saw his mother packing his favourite pasta into his lunch box for school. Maybe he did have a magic lunch box after all! 

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