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#SaraReads #WorldMusicDay: Story- The Concert

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“Now, the contestant who is selected for Music for Nations is….Radha Sharma!” announced the anchor. Radha almost exploded with joy. She, a twelve-year old, got selected for the best music competition in Asia?
“Pinch me,” Radha said to her mom, who had accompanied her to the venue. Her mom replied, “No way! Now go on stage before…” Radha couldn’t wait. She jumped out of her seat and swiftly went on stage.


A month and a half went by, Radha was still caught up with practice after  school hours. Some unknown person steps into the room and says, “Ms.  Radha, this is a letter for you from the Music of Nations competition, I am  deeply sorry.” Confused, Radha opened the letter and about soon burst into tears.


Her music teacher, Ms. Sanjana, was also confused. When she asked her about what had happened, Radha gave her the letter and ran outside and she went  away to the lawn. When Ms. Sanjana started reading it, she was very shocked that Radha had been dropped from the competition because they had to take another contestant! Ms. Sanjana straightaway knew that this was unjust and  not fair. She went to Radha and consoled her.


A week passed by, Radha was still upset but had moved on. Ms. Sanjana still  felt bad for her and she decided to walk her home from school. Just the street before Radha’s house, Ms. Sanjana spotted something and she couldn’t believe her eyes! Music for Nations has scheduled another audition! She quickly dragged Radha to the poster but Radha was not very happy to see it.


Radha said, “I have lost interest in music now. That competition told me that I  was good at singing. Now, I’ve given up on music.”


“Don’t give up so easily!” replied Ms.Sanjana.


“If that competition gives you courage, then fight for it again. Don’t lose hope  so easily!”


Radha replied “But if I don’t get selected, there won’t be a relationship between me and music. Deal?” Ms. Sanjana knew she was taking a big risk but she said, “Okay, deal.”


From the very next day, Radha started practicing.  Few days passed by, and it  was her turn to go on stage to audition for her spot in Asia’s best music show.  Radha sounded as beautiful as ever. When she got off the stage, she told Ms.  Sanjana, ”Even if I don’t get selected, I won’t give up on music.”


Ms. Sanjana replied, “Now, that’s the spirit!”


All auditions were now over. Radha was on top of the moon when she heard  that she got selected. She had started practice since the very next day. It was a week to the competition day, she was in the concert hall practicing on the stage.

The day of the competition was here. It was Radha’s time to shine. She was  nervous at first but she sung and looked effortlessly beautiful. The result were here. Third place was announced, “And second place goes to Radha Sharma!”


Radha was so happy. She had tears in her eyes. While collecting the trophy she realized, music was her best friend even during bad times. In the end, Radha  decided that music was her best friend.

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