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If I were a pet bunny- Essay by 8 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

Read with Sara stories for kids, by kids life as a rabbit Bookosmia

I was a small, adorable, furry and white bunny at the pet shop.


One evening I got sold to a very irresponsible man, Charlie.

Charlie was very skinny and lean. He had a white beard and big eyes. He named me Funky. He was very careless and sometimes even forgot to take me for a walk or feed me or give me a bath.


This made me very upset and unhappy.


One morning the man had to leave for an important trip so I stayed with the  neighbours.


They were very delightful people. Almost every day we did something extremely incredible, like a tea party, disco party, going for picnics and playing  in the garden with some other bunnies.

But soon it was time for me to return home. I didn’t want to go back, but I was  helpless. Again came the same boring times where there was nothing to do at  all.


One day, Charlie had gone for a meeting outside. So this time I decided to go  out and take some fresh air. I tried to open the door many times and it finally  opened. I got to breathe some fresh air and felt much better than usual days.


I thought, why not to go and take some more fresh air? So, I did go further. It  was pretty breezy and I was feeling very glad. Suddenly, it became very stormy.

“Oh no, oh no!’’

I started to roll down the hills and bounced on the footpath. I landed at the footstep of an enormous house. The biggest I had ever seen.


Inside the house, there lived a little girl named Lucy. She admired me for a minute. She looked so affectionate. Slowly she picked me up in her hands, very gently. She cleaned me and named me Oreo. I loved this name!


We both had great fun. She cared for me, wonderfully. My life was really fun.

Look at the way I started off with an old and irresponsible man and ultimately  landed at a lovey house where there were such incredible people.


My life has been very adventurous and very exciting. But finally Lucy and I lived together forever.


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