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Natasha Nayak

17 Years

53 Years

St.Xavier's high school


‘Gandhiji: A Change In Our Vision’ Poem #Gandhi

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The wooden stick, the piece of cotton cloth
Still misses him
Our father is no more with us
But has left behind the property of freedom
Which is valuable than any wealth.
Rubbed out racism in South African soil
Drove out Britishers from Indian soil
Established peace in the whole world.
For the cause of truth,
Fight against injustice.
The magic wand of satyagraha appears
Gandhiji, the brave son
Fulfilled the vow of freedom
Of those innumerable fighters
Who were shot
Who were hanged
Who were brutally killed
To see, the Indian flag flying.
We learnt from him-
Aggressive eyes darken the mind
A darkened mind makes you possessed
A possessed spirit dies at the end.
A bright smile reflects more
The reflection brightens the day
The brightened day brings happiness
So all we need,
Is a change in our vision.


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