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Dipansh Gupta

5 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


‘Genie in my pocket’ Story by 5 year old Dipansh Gupta from Delhi

Read with Sara genie in a bottle story for kids by kids Bookosmia

After being stuck at home for many days, I got a call from one of my friends one day. They were planning to play football that evening in the nearby park. So, with our mask on, the three of us started playing. When it was my turn to kick the ball, I accidently kicked a blue, shiny bottle which was lying next to my ball.

Suddenly, the lid of the bottle opened and there was a puff of smoke. When the smoke settled, there was an enormous man with no clothes on but having
a tail. My friends and I got frightened!

They all ran away but I was standing there, staring at the genie. And, then he  introduced himself. He thanked me for taking him out of the bottle. I clarified that I didn’t do anything….it was by mistake.


The genie was very happy and asked me to wish for something. I thought for a  moment and then I asked him if  he can make corona virus disappear from our  Earth. He looked puzzled and asked me what is Corona Virus.


I told him that because of this Corona Virus, my parents are not letting me go
out and play. My school is closed for so many days now. I cannot go to my relative’s house. People are afraid of meeting or shaking hands with each other. He said that he will grant my wish but first I should help him hide.


So, I kept him in my pocket and ran home. Next day, when I woke up. To my surprise, my mother told me that my school has now opened and I need to get ready to go to my school. I realized that the genie had granted my wish and  that corona virus has gone from our lives forever. When I checked my pocket to thank the genie, he was not there.


And then I  heard my mom waking me up!  She was asking me to get ready for my online class.


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