Pratishtha Dixit

13 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


‘Corona, Are You A Friend Or Foe?’ Poem by 13 year old Bookosmian from Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Read with Sara poem by Pratishtha Dixit

Corona, are you a friend or a foe?

People are asking you to go.


Nature is smiling because of you.

People are suffering because of you.


You made the river water fit for drinking,

Because of you, mankind is sinking.


Covid, you are a boon for nature,

But also harming earth’s creatures.


This is the time for people to learn.

They destroyed the forests and now it’s their turn.


Thanks, corona for making nature clean,

For being kind with it as we had never been.


Let’s stop animal hunting and killing,

To spread this message I am willing.


Love, care and protection to nature will show.

Again, I want to ask!

Corona, are you a friend or foe?


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