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‘Books’ A Lovely Story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Surat

Books with Mahi Bootra

On a sweet morning, I was sitting idle in my living room. I was bored to death. My mother, who is quick witted, told me “Why don’t you read books?”

I groaned. Books. “Why do we have to read? Why are books significant to us?” I grumbled. 

My mother brought a book and opened it for me. She said that a book isn’t just printed pages of paper fastened together and fixed inside a cover of forcecut paper or cardboard. Books are important to us in many ways like improving language and our knowledge. 

It still did not appeal to me. Then my mother told me that I should not think that books are all of one type. There aren’t just school textbooks. There are many types of books one can read like horror, comedy, biography, fiction etc. 

“Did you know that Mark Twain was the first person to write a book with a typewriter?” she asked me. I did not know that. I learnt that Twain wrote classics like The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn,The Prince and the Pauper, The Jumping Frog and many more. 

That made me check my library and I saw colourful books by authors like Roald Dahl, Arti Sonthalia, Jane Austen, A Dumas, Charles Dickens, R.L Stevenson etc.

My mother suggested that I also try my hand at writing a book in simple language and a neat handwriting. 

After that I started reading and discovered a whole new world. To those who are reluctant to read, I would say that books are our best friends.  They guide us through our whole life. If we read books, our knowledge will touch the sky. If we are a reader today, we will be a leader tomorrow! 


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