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How I Learnt To Forgive And Forget | Story on Siblings | Bookosmia

Siblings! They make our world go around and how? Read this wonderful write up by 7 year old Vaanya Poddar from Kolkata

Learn to Forgive and forget with Vaanya

One day after my school got over, I was playing with my toys. My little brother, Kiaan snatched a toy and hit me on my hand and face. 

He wanted to play with the same toy. I was very angry because he was being so naughty. I also scolded him. We were so upset with each other that we didn’t talk to each other for quite some time. Both of us were sad too. But at night, I decided to patch up and forgive him. 

I explained to him that being naughty is not a good thing. I also told him that he should ask for the toy politely and not snatch it or hit me to get it. 

He understood and said sorry to me. I forgave him and he was very happy. I wanted to be a bigger person, so I forgave, forgot and patched up with him. We hugged each other and giggled.


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