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‘A Child’s Hands Are Too Small To Work,’ says 7 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Art With Sara with Lekishaa

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Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section for kids.


Here I publish the works of young artists who share their beautiful work and their passion for artwork in form of a write-up!

Read story on grandparents by Lekishaa Thodda Chennai7 year old Lekishaa Thodda shares important messages for the year 2021 through her beautiful artworks.

Lekishaa is a student  of N.S.N Memorial Higher Secondary School.


A child’s hands are too small to work,
But they are perfect for holding a pencil.

They have only a few years to be a child.

We the bubbling kids of the future generation feel that literacy is the jump off point from which all of life’s successes take flight.

Here’s to every child in the world – may you always have a chance at being educated.

Art With Sara with Lekishaa

Our planet’s most valuable resource is water.

If we save water, it will save us. So, preserve water and preserve life

Art with Sara with Lekishaa

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