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‘The Girl Who Hated/Loved Science’ Story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara story by R.S.Anandita

I am going to start with a weird story, so brace yourselves!


“I hate Science! This is the toughest subject I’ve ever come across,” shouted a girl who was in the sixth standard. She hated science with all her heart plus she had the strictest physics and chemistry teacher ever!


Every time an exam arrived, she used to complain about the concepts, formulas, the lengthy notes and of course the big fat portions inside a monster called textbook.


Days went by and she somehow passed her 6th and 7th standard exams. But slowly, a miracle happened! Her hatred for science completely faded away when she reached her eighth standard. The weird part starts here.


People mostly get inspired by leaders and famous personalities, but this girl got inspired by a character in a TV show! This character was also a girl named Mel Fuller, who loved ‘sciencing’. She made lots of genius inventions. Soon, this girl started developing a slight interest in science.


When she read her books or watched people inventing something she often thought “Hmmm…I have never looked at science this way!” Now she gets good marks and also reads extra books outside her lessons. This is how her bizarre/wonderful journey in science started and will continue!


Oh! The girl I am talking about is none other than me!


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