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A Magical Day At The Forest | Bookosmia

A magical day at the forest

The branches creaked as I walked past them. The leaves on the trees rustled with the slight breeze. I stopped for a second, wanting to enjoy the red sun and the early morning sky.

I sighed in content, glad of my decision to wake myself up this early and come enjoy the fresh air before it got polluted with the fumes of automobiles.

A magical day at the forest


I walked on and lost myself in time, enjoying the sights before me like the plump deer at the water hole. Also a colorful bird on the branch of a huge tree, the bees humming around their hives and the occasional squirrels darting past me when I disturbed them.


A magical day at the forest


Hours went by and the sun climbed up from the horizon and blazed down on the earth. I wiped my sweat with the back of my hand and slumped down in the shade of a dense tree near a small stream.

As I lay, I closed my eyes in order to get some energy replenished. Hearing something fall on the ground with a thud, I opened my eyes to see a snake a few feet from me. It was a tiny thing. Green in color and a yellow under belly. Although it looked friendly I didn’t want to take any chances and slowly got up.

A magical day at the forest

I hoisted my bag back onto my shoulders making sure my movements were all slow. Although I did not know much about snakes, I did know how to escape them thanks to Pinterest.

Since I couldn’t back off due to the tree, I circled the snake making sure the radius was big. It simply turned to see me go as I walked past it and back onto the trail to the city.

For the next many years to come, I know I’ll be telling this tale to my kids and grandkids as they come because this was something that had never happened to me before and I hope it never will because the adrenaline high is too much.




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