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A Forest Adventure

Bob, Tim and Anne were brothers and sisters.

One day, they decided to go to a nearby forest.

As they went inside the forest they saw a small spooky cottage. Scared, Anne said shakily, “Let’s go back home.”

A Forest Adventure


“We can’t let an old little cottage ruin our trip,” replied Bob. It was getting dark and they were too tired to set up their tent so they went to the cottage.


They opened the door. They thought of sleeping there that night and exploring the cottage in the morning. In the morning the cottage looked less spooky. They found many things like animal skins, clothes, brooms, spoons, etc. Five days were normal, but on the evening of the 6th day, they found a red button on one of the walls of the cottage. When they pressed the button, the closet cabinet opened.
In the cabinet, there was a tunnel leading to somewhere. “Let us see where the tunnel goes to,” said Anne. So they went into the tunnel and came out in some part of the forest.

A Forest Adventure


Suddenly a lion came before them. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” screamed Anne, Bob and Tim together. The scream echoed through the dense forest. No one came. They had to face the lion themselves. “I have an idea!” said Anne immediately. “Tell it to us quickly,” pleaded Tim and Bob.


“One of you needs to go behind that bush and shake it. The lion will think someone is there and will go there. Then let’s run away,” said Anne. So they did that and it worked!


While escaping, Bob saw a key and picked it up. They crossed a beautiful pond in between. When they reached the other side, they saw a chest. They tried to open it but it was locked. They threw the box in the air and it fell with a thrust on the ground. They tried jumping on the box. But none of these worked. Suddenly, a keyhole in the box caught Bob’s eye and he remembered the key he had picked. He tried to open it with that key, it opened! The box was filled with treasure!

A Forest Adventure


And to their surprise, the cottage was right ahead. So, they carried the treasure chest and put it in their van, and went back home.



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