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The Treasure Hunt At Grandpa’s House | Bookosmia

The treasure hunt at grandpas house

“Hurry up, Jake”, said a bright and cheerful girl with blue eyes and light brown hair. “Just a minute, Jasmine,” said her twin brother who also had blue eyes and light brown hair.

Jake and Jasmine were going to their grandparents’ house as their parents were going on a business trip. They loved their grandparents’ house as it was on the countryside.

After some hours, they finally reached the countryside. Jack and Jasmine ran and hugged their grandparents.

The treasure hunt at grandpas house


Their grandparents welcomed them and helped the kids carry their luggage to their room. While their grandmother and mom went to make lunch and their grandfather and father were talking about the economy, Jack and Jasmine were unpacking their belongings in their rooms.

Later, grandpa called them to clean the attic with him. While cleaning the attic, Jack found a box that belonged to his mother. He opened it and saw an old dairy, a key and a map. Jasmine was curious about what Jake found. So she went near him and picked the map she opened it and saw it was a treasure map.

The treasure hunt at grandpas house


“Grandpa, is this a treasure map?” asked Jasmine. Grandpa replied “Yes dear, it is a treasure map. Your mother and I tried to find the treasure but we came to a dead end.” He said it was a family heirloom that had been buried for generations.

Jack and Jasmine looked surprised and asked their grandpa if they could go treasure hunting but their grandpa suggested it would be better if they go the next day as it was dark outside.

The next day, Jasmine and Jake were very excited as they were treasure hunting with their grandpa. Jake asked grandpa “What was the last clue you found?”

Grandpa said it was a riddle. “You will find it at the shadow of the past.” Could it be the shadow of the old banyan tree? It’s the oldest tree in the field, wondered Jack. Grandpa and Jasmine appreciated Jack and headed towards the tree.

Jasmine saw something shiny in the mud she removed the mud and saw a symbol, she recognized the symbol as the same symbol on the map. She informed Jack and grandpa. They opened it with the key and a secret door opened on the trunk of the tree!

Inside the door was a box. They opened it and a diamond sparkled under the sun.

The treasure hunt at grandpas house


Grandpa took the jewel and congratulated the twins on their great success. Grandpa promised them that one day this jewel would be passed on to them to keep it safe.

At last, the day came when they had to tell goodbye to their grandparents. They had the best summer any kid could have.



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