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Forest Eagle Owl| Short Story by Shreeda,8,Germany

Don’t miss this acrostic story about forest eagle owl by 8 year old Shreeda from Hannover, Germany.

forest eagle owlet fun facts for kids Bookosmia
Don’t miss this acrostic story and winning entry by 8 year old Shreeda Thakkar from Hannover, Germany. Shreeda is fond of reading and writing. She is well organized and loves to watch cartoon movies. She use her imagination and pen down.
Thanks to fun facts by Kaadoo, makers of wildlife-based, table top games and sponsors of the Children’s Day contest prizes.
forest eagle owl write ups by kids Bookosmia
Far away in a city lived a wise old owl.
The city caught with fire so the wise old owl went to live in the forest.
Oak tree was where he landed. He decided to live on the oak forever.
Rainly, the wise old owl’s school friend saw him and landed on the tree. Then he hugged him so tightly.
Everyday they met each other. Rainly lived nearby in a pineapple tree.
Soon they were getting weaker and weaker because Rainly and the wise old owl were getting older.
Time passed and they could not meet each other.
One day both got a note saying get off your tree and walk forward a little. They did.
When they saw each other they hugged tightly like before.
Later they were never sad at all. They would cry with joy.
Nature with Sara activities for kids Bookosmia
Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that adorable story on friendship? Now, as promised, some cool facts about Forest Eagle Owl, shared by Kaadoo, prepared in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature. (WWF)


Cool Fact 1: The Forest Eagle Owl is known for its weird, human-sounding call.

This call consists of a scream, which rises and then falls in tone. The territorial call of the species, like that of most other eagle-owls, consists of low hoots with two-second intervals between hoos.[2] The voice is booming, deep and carries quite far. A low, deep double hoot lasting two seconds – “hoo hoo.” It also utters a mournful, mewing scream that rises and then falls in pitch and lasts about one second – “njaauuuw.

Cool Fact 2: There are 33 species of Owls in India

Some small, some large and some extremely fierce predators. The young spot bellied owl, or forest eagle owl is paler than the adult

forest eagle owlet fun facts for kids Bookosmia


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