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I am a child who…..|Poem by 8 year old from Secunderabad

8 year old Aanya Katturi from Secunderabad beautifully reflects for many of us how COVID has transformed our lives.

i am a girl who life in covid bookosmia poem

I am a child who loves playing football,

Sigh, I am now left with watching it on TV.


I am a child who loves reading,

Sigh, I now flip channels more than pages.


I am a child who lives to play in the rain,

Sigh, I have no choice but to play online.


I am a child who wants to meet her friends,

Sigh, I say hi and bye from a screen far away.


I am a child who lives to sing and dance,

Sigh, I croon and groove to Alexa


I am a child who loves to go to school,

Sigh, I have to rely on Zoom and Duo which is not very cool!


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