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Sreeveda Arun

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Gems Our Own English High School


‘How I long for Diwali lasts all through the year’ Poem by 12 year old Sreeveda Arun from Dubai

Festivals with Sara Diwali Rangoli Bookosmia

Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Deepavali came and lit up our lives, just when we needed it most.


12 year old Sreeveda Arun from Dubai wants this beautiful festival back, and here is why.

Festivals with Sara Sreeveda Arun from Dubai Bookosmia

Sreeveda Arun, a grade 7 student of Gems Our Own English High School,  Dubai is an avid reader and very passionate about writing stories and poems.  She also finds joy in photography and playing keyboard.



Kids run and shout,

People talking aloud…

The most celebrated festival of the year,

Everyone! Diwali is here!


Dressed in fancy and colorful wear,

Full of lights everywhere…

Spreading love and affection all around,

The whole nation is full of sounds!


Sugary sweets, lassi and gifts,

It makes me smile all day,

Just thinking that no study and school,

And only laughing, enjoying and play!


But the best part of all,

Is the fireworks at night…

The day is full of fun and talk,

But at night, the world is full of lights…


How I long for this one festival all year,

It comes so slowly and at time disappears….

But yet every year I treasure many memories,

How I wish Diwali would never cease!


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