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Coronavirus Second Wave – Tips To Follow | Bookosmia

Coronavirus second wave - tips to follow


Coronavirus second wave - tips to follow


Hello dear friends! Today is International Nurses Day. Let’s take a moment to think of them and send them our gratitude. As you know, the second wave of coronavirus is spreading all over India and we cannot get over this without our nurses and doctors.

At the moment, many are suffering without oxygen cylinders and bed for COVID 19 patients. It’s our responsibility to help our society and also protect ourselves.

Here are a few tips to follow :

* Don’t go out unless you have to
* Wear a mask and follow social distancing
* Wash your hands before and after coming home.

Coronavirus second wave - tips to follow


Summer has arrived! Drink a good amount of water every day, especially hot water which protects you from cough, flu etc.
You can add pepper, ginger in your daily cup of tea which makes you healthy. This idea was taught by my mom.

Avoid cold items such as ice cream, cool drinks etc.

Keep your body fit and stay healthy !

Stay home, stay safe and we will beat corona virus.

Coronavirus second wave - tips to follow



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