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Corona Pandemic- My Idea For Eradicating Coronavirus | Bookosmia

Corona pandemic- My idea for eradicating coronavirus


Corona pandemic- My idea for eradicating coronavirus


Last Saturday as I sat eating breakfast at home with my father, an idea struck me.

What if I create a chemical cloud filled with coronavirus vaccine? A cloud that rains and pours the much needed vaccine in the current times. But how would people get vaccinated by this method? Probably, they will have to step out of their homes and as they gasp at the sky with their mouths wide open, just then a few drops of medicine end up in their body orally.

But at the same time, I wondered how will people get to know about this special rain?

Corona pandemic- My idea for eradicating coronavirus

Well, it could be like any other forecast that updates us about the weather or going back to my grade 2 EVS (Environmental Studies) book, there are means of mass communication like television, radio, newspapers that I could use to announce about the specifics of the rain. Now I was getting excited about the thought of vaccine rain! Thinking deeper, I realized that there are some challenges and strengths of my idea:

Corona pandemic- My idea for eradicating coronavirus



1. A large number of people can be vaccinated through the vaccine cloud at one go whereas the injection needs to be given one by one.
2. If you would give an injection to the whole town it will take a lot of time but if you would take the dose from a chemical cloud it will be very quick.
3. The vaccine’s syringe is made up of plastic which is a harmful waste to the environment. On the other hand, when the chemical cloud bursts, it will not create any harmful effects on the environment.



1. The vaccine rain due to the chemical cloud may harm the environment because it is not natural.
2. When you take a vaccine by syringe, a limited dose goes in the body but with the chemical cloud more or less than the required dose may go.
3. When the chemical cloud rains, the environment should be very clean otherwise the vaccine will become dirty and could have harmful effects after going into the human body.
Corona pandemic- My idea for eradicating coronavirus

I am really excited about my idea because it can help everyone get vaccinated quickly and thus help us fight against Corona. I am in serious conversation with my father (who is also a scientist) over dinner nowadays to create “my vaccine cloud”.


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  1. Very well composed, Dhruv. I loved how you went a step ahead to probe into the strengths and challenges of the underlying idea. Great Imagination…keep writing.

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