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Corona – I Miss Life Before The Pandemic | Bookosmia

Corona - I miss life before the pandemic




I miss the smile of my teachers

and gossip with my friends

The excitement to rush home

after the school ends.


I miss the exotic smell of my lunch box and

gathering of friends in canteen

One packet of chips and many hands in.


I badly miss my loved ones

my cousins and my friends

I am waiting to give them tight hugs

once the pandemic ends


I miss outings with my parents

on most awaited vacations

I miss hanging out with friends

And all that fun.


Not so happy I am with the virtual classes

and the virtual rewards

I miss the thrill of going up the stage

to receive many awards.


I Iook at the lonely playground with teary eyes

The empty swings, the see-saw and the silent rides.


Watching the cheerful birds flying and enjoying nature

I often ask myself, “Why is the lockdown only for us and not for these blessed creatures ?”


Let us take a moment to ponder upon

May be this pandemic has appeared

to teach us some life lessons.


Let us face the challenge with a cheery grin

Soon the pandemic will go away and we will surely win


Corona - I miss life before the pandemic




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