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Corona – Let’s Fight This Together | Bookosmia

Corona - Let’s fight this together


Corona - Let’s fight this together

There is no rainbow without rain,
A silver lining in darkest clouds of pain.

Corona locked us in our home,
Around the world virtually we could roam.

Despondently schools closed,
But online classes helped is cope.

Let’s fight together this deadly, precarious hurdle,
Time to let go off this exasperating muddle.

Every problem has a solution,
Look inside, we all have that magic potion.

Camaraderie and solidarity among us all,
Act together to put any virus on stall.

Mother earth’s well-being as imperative as ours,
Must ensure this mindset overpowers.

Grow plethora of plants with husbandry,
Let’s make this world a tranquil haven for sundry.

Manage scrap, don’t just litter in haste.
What an idea!
Paris Olympics medals out of e-waste!

Come forward for a greener handshake,
That no virus can ever quake.


Corona - Let’s fight this together



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