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Stop Animal Cruelty – Be Kind To Stray Dogs | Bookosmia

Stop animal cruelty - Be kind to stray dogs



“Please stop being so cruel, show us some mercy and love that’s all we are asking for. What have we done to deserve such harsh behaviour of yours towards us? All day and night we work for no one but you. We show our utmost love and affection towards you by being faithful and loyal companions, protective of you and your territory. We are the ones who possess paramount patience, intelligence, and gentleness. Is this what we are being punished for?

Each year we are dying in thousands in the name of selective breeding.  We are being plagued with illnesses like kidney and heart diseases as a result of how we are being kept. We are being skinned for our fur. Over 115 million animals are killed in laboratory experiments worldwide for chemical, food, cosmetics, etc testing each year. Please look at us, look at our eyes tears rolling down them asking for mercy, that’s all. Please.”

This is what a dog would speak if it could!


Stop animal cruelty - Be kind to stray dogs


So, let’s listen to these faithful creatures and save mankind. It’s high time to take action. Together let’s vow to at least feed the stray dogs in our locality once a week or just pat them when we see them instead of ignoring them.

Let’s stop being so cruel and raise our voices for them. Enough damage has already been done. They were the ones who were there for us in our times of need, now it’s time for us to be there for them too when they are screaming from the bottom of their hearts for love and mercy. If dogs could speak, only if they could!



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