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Covid 2021 – Let’s Not Lose Hope | Bookosmia

Covid 2021 - Let’s not lose hope


Covid 2021 - Let’s not lose hope

To fight the round and spiky, invisible foe,

We cocooned ourselves inside our burrow,

Schools, offices, markets all closed down,

An eerie silence loomed over the town.

They said we will have to flatten the curve,

Our warriors pitched in with all their verve,

Social distancing became the new norm,

Window to the world was an online platform.

Dalgonas, cakes tried to keep spirits high,

But I often contemplate, this happened why,

The world had to battle with so many challenges,

Some wounds didn’t even have any bandages.


Covid 2021 - Let’s not lose hope



New cases counts were not just headlines mere,

With ashes remaining of who once were near,

Millions went jobless just one fine night,

Children walked for miles without a bite.

It was stormy, but it doesn’t forever rain,

The Sun has begun to shine once again,

Amidst it all, we learnt a few life lessons,

Time to resurrect, with those as guidance.


Covid 2021 - Let’s not lose hope



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