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15 Years

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Techno India Group Public School, Bolpur


Corona Virus-Let’s mask up| Poem by 15 year old

Covid isn’t done yet. 15 year old Anuska from Bolpur reminds us of why cannot let our guard down.

wash hands corona virus poem

Covid, a pandemic’s ruthless sound

That whirls the world around.

Like a winged evil, it glides

But many side effects it yields.

The kids, the mature, everyone’s bliss

It just blows everyone away

Like a gloomy wind would do.

It often feels like

The room, its four margins would never be crossed

It has to be our dwelling, the bureau, and the place where we would be lost.

At the peak of the pandemic

The park felt lonely, the children sensed the same

As, there was nothing outdoor but only indoor games.

Students felt low-spirited,

without a matchstick as a candle they felt.

Now, most exams continue

in closed spaces we linger

In many ways life has paused

New emotions have encircled us. 

 Regular yoga, a few precautions

and a healthy diet are the keys

 To overcome this stubborn virus

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