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Anayshaa Parikh

7 Years

53 Years

Ahmedabad International School


‘Pet Love’ Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Ahmedabad

Pet Love with Anayshaa

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Meera. She lived in a village of Maharashtra. She used to hate all pets, especially dogs. The reason behind her dislike was that once a street dog had bitten her mother.

Her father was a fisherman. She used to accompany her father everyday for fishing. One day her father was not well, so she went alone to the river. She saw a big fish and tried to catch it with the fishing rope. The fish was very heavy and it pulled the rope hard. Meera couldn’t balance and fell into the river. She didn’t know how to swim. She got very scared and started shouting for help. No one came for help and no one listened to her. A dog was passing by and saw Meera drowning in water. The brave dog found a big rope and threw it in water. Its barking caught the attention of other people. With their help, Meera held the rope and came out of the river.
Meera shed tears and learned that animals are so loving and caring. She was wrong about dogs. They are infact brave and loyal. She thanked and hugged the dog and decided to take it home.


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