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#SaraReads: Essay: A Different Perspective

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Essay: A Different Perspective for COVID-19

I was sitting in my balcony when suddenly a little sparrow came to me. It  seemed as if she was beckoning me to follow her. I didn’t know what to do. I  suddenly closed my eyes, I do not know why, but when I opened them, I found  myself right in the middle of a forest! Oh no. This CANNOT be true. It simply


There were some noises ahead. I went forward, curious and I saw such a sight I don’t know how to explain. There were all types of birds and animals-from the small honeybee to the gigantic elephant. It seemed as if they were having a  meeting. And you know what, they were talking about?

An owl, who seemed to be the leader or host of this meeting, started,“Hello  my animal’ friends. Shall we begin today’s meeting? As you all know we have  to start the meeting without the squirrel since he has to travel through the  traffic and might be late..”

“I am here”! said the squirrel.

“What! How can you be so early, considering the traffic and all?” Owl asked.

“Yes, sir. it is quite astonishing. Whilst I  was coming through the road, there was not a single human in sight! Usually I might get delayed because of those  cars, and sometimes even hurt because of them. But not today! How is that possible? This is the reason I arrived so early.”

“Hmm…. I see. It is interesting and unusual. Does anyone else have anything to report about that? The owl asked.


” Oh! oh! me!,”chirped a sparrow. While I was flying here and there, I found no  children playing in the streets, and, most weird of all, no factory fumes for us  birds to inhale and suffocate from!”

“Yes. I have something to say too!,”said an excited chicken.

It seems the markets are closed! None of us chickens are being killed to be  sold in the market. That is some good news,”grinned the chicken.

“Interesting, thank you,” replied the owl. “You see, whatever is happening, we  do not know. But we know one thing for sure- our lives are being saved! And that is a good thing. Also, MOTHER NATURE IS HEALING!”


“HOORAY!,” chorused everyone.


And so, the meeting ended. I thank my little friends for showing me a different  point of view, a new angle of seeing this COVID- 19 pandemic.

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