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#SaraReads: Poem- Father and Mother

#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown young authors abhipsa bhubhaneswar Bookosmia
God took the strength of mountains,
The quiet calm of sea,
He took the compassion of nature,
He took the wisdom of ages.
He put together all these qualities,
And there was nothing more to add,
He made a beautiful creature
And decided to call him Dad.
He scolds you when you break the rules,
He scolds you when you are sad,
He shines with pride when you succeed
And his sacrifices are fruitful indeed!
He made angels to sprinkle love,
Her lap being the best place in the world
God could not be everywhere,
So he made mothers to take care.
She instills hope,
And without her we cannot grow up.
Even when the days on Earth end
A mother’s love lives on,
Generations thereby the process goes on.
Father and Mother are like precious emerald
Always care for them them but never make them sad.
Father and Mother, ‘I love you,’
Three simple words,
But a lot more to do for you.

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