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My New Best Friend- Read story with Sara #SaraReads #WorldMusicDay

#SaraReads stories for kids by young author Madhurima

Once there lived a girl called Radha. She had medium black coloured hair with dark brown eyes. Radha had just moved to Shimla and was on her way to her  new school. When she got there she found all the students were playing and  running around in the school garden instead of being in class.


She asked the girl standing near her, “Hello, my name is Radha and I am new  here. I was hoping if you could tell me why the other students are playing in the garden instead of being in class.”

The girl next to her was a short, black-brown haired girl with cat like eyes. She replied, “Oh Hello! Radha, my name is Riya and I am one of the school monitors. Everyone is running around because of the Annual Yearly Assembly for Two Days, in short, AYATD.  It will happen today and tomorrow.


“Oh, but where is the principal?” said Radha.

“Well that is the story. Last year we had the same AYATD and the students  were supposed to sit in class.But since the teachers were busy preparing for AYATD, the classes were were not supervised and there was a lot of noise. So the Principal decided that the children could play in the garden,”explained Riya.

“That is awesome!” said Radha. She was already beginning to like the school and hoping to make lots of friends.


After the AYATD, the classes started and once the day ended, Radha walked  home. On her way home Radha thought about her day. “Well I have made a lot of friends but no best friends. I hope I find my best friend tommorow.”


As the sun rose the next day, Radha got ready for school. Same as yesterday, Radha walked to school and found the students running and playing again.
After AYATD the period started and the first period English went by and then  the second period Science passed so did the third which was Music. Next came the break when Radha instead of playing, walked through the garden  and thought, “I have made a lot of friends but not one best friend. I can’t say Riya is my best friend because Riya spends all her time in sports while I love to do indoor things, like learning music and playing board games. I can’t also tell  the twins Lara and Sara are my best friends either because they are always playing outside too. But then I do enjoy learning music with my music teacher and the familiarity and comfort I feel with music is the same, even in this new school.”


That is when Radha found out that even though people had people as best  friends she would have a different type of best friend. So in the end Radha  realized that music was her best friend.

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