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#SaraReads: Story-Vacation

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Story: The Vacation

In the city of San Francisco a Marine park had opened lately.It was massive and had lots of thrilling rides. Here in Surat, India my final exams were about to get  over hence I planned to visit my dream place- San Francisco! I was planning to  go there with my best friends. We packed our luggage and together reached San Francisco. We stopped over in one of the most famous hotels – Palace  hotel. It was gigantic and royal. As we were merely 4 members, we decided to
take a suite.


In two hours we reached Marine park. It was so vast. That place was full of  water rides. First we chose to go in the ocean safari because it was the most  fascinating adventure. In this ride they make us wear underwater suits and  take us deep down in the ocean where we can see fish and other sea creatures. We went in there and put our underwater suit with oxygen tanks.  After that they told us that 4 of us with other 7 divers will go 25km far from  the shore on a ship and will dive into the water where we can see sea creatures.


As told, we went on the ship and bounced into the water. We went deeper and  deeper and deeper. We saw countless number of fish of every shape and  size. While I was engaged in gazing at the charming fish, the others went ahead  leaving me behind. After a while I realized, that I was all alone (human of  course) in the middle of the ocean. I was very nervous and frightened. I  thought what to do but nothing came in my mind. All of a sudden, I heard loud
voices hence I hid behind a rock and waited.


In a minute many fish, sharks, jelly fish and all the other sea creatures gathered there. Then out of nowhere a group of mermaids and mermen appeared. It was the most fascinating sight I had ever seen. When all of them had come,  they started a conversation. However I couldn’t hear them. Hence I went a  little ahead to hear them.


One of the mermaid said, “These humans with legs again came here. We have to do something about it. If they see us some day, they will just put us in the  display boxes and will keep us in the museum.”


Unfortunately a sea horse saw me and I was exposed! I didn’t know what to say. One of the fish said, “She us a human. If we let her go, she will tell everyone about us.”  A mermaid asked me, “Who are you and what are you  doing here alone?” I told that my name was Shaina and I had just come here on a vacation. I was here with my friends and was just exploring. However all my friends went ahead and I was left behind here. They said that now I had  seen them so now they can’t let me go. I promised them that I wouldn’t reveal them and will always keep it a secret.

After a long discussion finally they got convinced. I was overjoyed. And you  know what! We became friends! The mermaids told me their names. One was  Maria, other was Emma and yet another was Sophia.


After some time we heard sounds of a ship and from there someone was  shouting my name. All the sea creatures bid me goodbye and went. I popped  my head out of the water and they spotted me. They took me to the shore  where my friends were waiting for me. It was the most amazing vacation!


I will never forget it. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I have kept the mermaid incident still a secret. Even you don’t tell it to anyone. Okay?

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