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#SaraReads: Story-In The Middle Of The Sea

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Have you ever imagined that you would get stuck in the middle of the ocean  alone? So today I am going to tell you my story when I was!

“Where I am? What’s this? What do I do? Which place is this?”, all these  questions were rambling in my mind when I found myself alone.


On 8 th of November my family went to Singapore cruise. One night I and my  cousins were playing hide and seek on the front deck of the cruise. It was  Kshivean’s turn to seek. Oh! I forgot to introduce ourselves. We are 6 cousins  Bhavya, Kshivean, Hannah, Navya, Aryan and myself Rehan. So when we were  searching for a place to hide suddenly I fell on a lifeboat and I fainted.


In the morning when I got conscious, my lifeboat was in the middle of the  ocean all alone. Initially I was petrified and perplexed. Then I recollected my  dad’s line, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”


I racked my brains about how can I get to an island. Luckily, I was on the hi- tech lifeboat with fresh water bottle, first aid kit, compass and life jacket in it.  So with the help of the compass, I managed to reach on an island. After  reaching there, I stuffed myself with some fruits.


Now it was time to think about how to get out of this situation. I realized I  needed to send a message to someone for help. So I somehow managed to  write HELP on a leaf and tied it on the neck of a bird and I made it fly off.  One more thought was dancing in my mind. About the second signal needed to be sent. So I tied my red t-shirt on one big branch along with a toy laser light, which I was caring in my pocket and BINGO, my second idea clicked. Rescue team got the signal from my light and they rescued me from that  Island. I  must say such a daunting experience it was!

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