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Anisha Binaykia

8 Years

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When the hunter becomes the protector- Story

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Pardon me for being late, as a sweet dream caught my attention and I went  into deep slumber.


I am a mid-aged rabbit sitting curled up tight, on my favourite yet old and  tattered mat. I was born in an old fenced backyard, in the outskirts of a  beautiful town Soller, Spain.


My white, fluffy fur and pink eyes that could charm anyone.


Few weeks after my birth, a hunter came chasing after me with a reason to either wound me or sell me and get a generous amount. However, being  charmed by my beauty, he thought of retaining me as a his pet!


Every morning he would take me for a stroll in his lush green and beautiful lawn. He used to bathe me and play with me too. My perception was that  humans were cruel to animals. But he always took care of me like his child.


My  master’s affection towards me, made me fond of him and I used to spend  most of my time around him. During the evening hours he would let me go to  the garden and eat grass and feed me with fully grown and juicy carrots.  However, all days are not same.


One fine day, when my master was away for hunting, I was nibbling the carrots in the garden. Suddenly a skinny and tall stranger came by and took me away. I  was scared and started whining. On the way, I left bits of carrots so that my  master could know where the stranger took me. After we reached the  destination, he took me to an old unused factory. I was anxious as I was  unaware of the purpose of being stolen. I looked around and saw my fellow  mates being killed. The fur was being used for making hats and coats. Soon,  they tied me and were ready to start the process.


To my surprise, I saw my master sneaking his way in and sprayed a gas around  the place where I was kept. He quickly managed his way in and rescued me. I  was joyous and cuddled with my master like a lost child does on finding its   parents.


I am my master’s favourite and he doesn’t let me out of his sight. Right now, I  am hopping in the beautiful lush green pasture with him and nibbling on my favourite carrots.


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