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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Lets give support

#SaraReads Young Authors stories for kids Anyssa

Everyone is pulling together little by little

For the community workers who rustle,

Doctors are working tirelessly

Nurses risking their lives specially,

Ambulances on the run

Helter-skelter is not just fun.


Electricians used to tackle the wires

Plumbers looking for someone to hire,

Cobblers used to spend time on the shoe

Beauticians are looking for customer to bienvenue.


All community workers need a magic wand

Let’s get together and raise some fund,

To get back a smile on their faces

To remove sadness of all the traces.


Did you all know people around are ill

All day looking for hope outside the window sill,

So lets give some support to make them feel good

I’m not telling that it’s a must and you should.


While we are peaceful and at ease,

Can we do a little for them please?

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