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Cooking is not just about food- Essay

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It was my maternal grandmother’s birthday. So I wanted to do something  special for her and decided to be a chef at home.

I made a red-sauce margherita pizza for my family members, adding cheese generously, baked in the oven, with chilliy flakes and oregano as garnishing. It turned out to be a very crispy and delicious pizza.


Everyone seemed to be enjoying their food.

I also baked a cupcake which had pink frosting on it.

It turned out to be a very scrumptious cupcake. Everyone loved the cupcake and ate all of it.

My grandmother was very delighted to see me making so many tasty dishes.

So, she gifted me a Little Chef’s recipe book. I was super excited to read it and try out the new recipes.

I learned that doing little things for our family members can give them a lot of
happiness. Sharing quality time with family members also increases closeness.


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