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My life as a pet parrot |Story by Agneesh,8 Kolkata + Cool facts

8 year old Agneesh from Kolkata imagines what life as a pet parrot would be like in this story. Don’t miss out the cool bird facts that follow.

Nature with Sara parrot story facts for kids by kids Bookosmia

My life as a pet parrot.

I am a parrot. I was born from an egg along with seven siblings. One day, when  my mother was out to get some worms, a bad bird catcher came and tried to catch us. All the other chicks escaped but I was late and he caught me, put me  in a cage and took me to the market nearby to be sold.


There were a lot of people in the market. There was a boy with his father. He  started pleading with his father to buy me. So he bought me and took me to their home. He named me Rostov. His father came and tied my ankle to a chain which was tied to a perch, so that I could not escape. The boy seemed very  fond of me and was joyous to have me as a pet. Every morning, when the sun would rise, I would start chirping and the boy would wake up. I would have  chilly and chickpea for breakfast.


Every evening, his father would come near me and start whistling in front of  me and I would try to copy him.

Nature with Sara parrot story and facts for kids by Bookosmia
When I would stare at the blue sky, I would see other birds flying in the sky.  Then one day, I had a brilliant idea. I acted dead and hung myself from the perch head down. They were worried and gave me a tap but I wasn’t responding. So they thought I was really dead and took me to the forest and dropped my body under a tree. When they turned around, I flew away searching for my nest and after a few hours of flying, I found my family. I hugged my mother and my siblings.


I tasted freedom for the first time. Now I am a free bird. I have no chain around  my leg. I sure liked that boy but I like my freedom more. And now, if I am lost, I  can fly around the place looking for my mother.

Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that thought provoking write up? How about some some cool facts  about parrots, shared by Subhadra Devi, bird  photographer turned birder, who is now turning into a  nature enthusiast. She is a member of the National Conservation Foundation (NCF), India.
Cool Fact#1 : Your pet parrot can outlive you
In general, a bird’s lifespan tends to correlate with its size. The chirpy canary, for example, lives to around 10 years old, while the bald eagle lives up to 28 years in the wild. But parrots, a remarkably versatile order of more than 350 bird species, defy this rule of thumb, living up to roughly 80 years despite their relatively small stature—the birds weighs upto 99grams on average. 
Read more in the Smithsonian 
Cool Fact# 2:  Parrots are skilled at imitating sounds and engaging in complex social rituals
Parrots likely owe this longevity—as well as their superlative intelligence—to evolution. A new analysis of the blue-fronted Amazon parrot’s genome suggests the creatures are as genetically distant from other birds as humans  are from other primates.
Read more in the Smithsonian 
Nature with Sara parrot story facts for kids by kids Bookosmia
Cool Fact #3: We have one species of parrots in India
The green birds which we see in India which we call parrots are parakeets (which is part of the parrot family) and the most common one is the Rose-ringed parakeet . We have only one species of parrot in India- Vernal Hanging Parrots and they are categorized as ‘Least Concern’ in the IUCN red list, so are Rose-ringed Parakeets.


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