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15 year old Shivam from Kolkata forces us to look at the reality of mental health issues, especially for our youngsters, through this powerful essay.

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What is the leading cause of a person dying every 40-seconds? It is none other than mental health and depression.


Teenagers between the ages 15-18 are in this merciless trap of depression and mental health issues. A child’s brain at that age is filled with complicated things and in this generation where you are known by your social surrounding and popularity, it is difficult to cope up with these types of things. These students are still exploring  themselves and they don’t even know what their hobbies are, let alone what they want in life that lies ahead.


They have a number of problems to deal with at once. It is said that around  50% of these children suffer from mental illness and for adults, the share is 40%. This may seem all okay for you but what if i told you that around  800,000 people committed suicide last year?*

In this set of 800,000 people, there may have been geniuses who could have  made lives for us human beings better. There could have been excellent doctors who would have taken out the formula of the vaccine for corona virus.


These 800,000 people had just one thing in common, they all were suffering  silently. There was no one there to help them. Other people didn’t know how  they were feeling. But the main question is, what caused them to take this  step? Was it bullying? Family pressure? A burden to others? There are a million such reasons and it is our duty as their friends, family members, relatives to  know what they are going through.

These people are scared that we will judge them if they tell us about their problems. That we will treat them differently from others, which to some  extent is true. In this generation, everyone judges everybody else. Judge them  for their fashion sense, financial state, their behaviour and every little action.

Who in this world doesn’t judge? We judge characters in  movies and plays. We even judged Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. after he got through three divorces.  Judging is like a routine which everyone follows with their heart and soul.


The  world right now is like the famous English poem, “The cold within” written by James Patrick Kinney. For those who are not familiar with the poem, let me explain. The poem is set in a cold place and there are six people who are trapped in  happenstance. There sits a bonfire in front of them, dying and desperate for  wooden sticks. All those six people have a piece of stick in their hand, one  stick could save them from dying of cold. The first person saw those faces and noticed that one was black, one saw that there was a person who wasn’t from his church, one saw the rich and another did nothing except for self gain. All those six people had just one thing in common. They had great judging skills.

The 800,000 odd suicide deaths from 2019 were mainly because those people were scared. This led the illness to consume them from the inside. This  illness is like a virus, it spreads slowly but causes a lot of harm and destruction  along the way.

One person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide.* It is our job to help in  times of corona virus and an unending lock down. Before judging someone, always think , who am I to judge? Just a common man with a lot of opinions,  right?

Let us take an initiative to help them for the good.


*As per WHO records

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