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Read with Sara: Poem- My Thrilling Adventure

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For my Saturday adventure, I decide to go to the children’s park
Outside the gate I see a brown, furry dog bark.
When I go inside, I start playing with my friends
Until the sunny noon starts and the bright morning ends.

I was happily swinging on the swings
Until the park’s enormous lustrous bell rings.
I exercise and run a lot of laps under the hot sun
Later I eat a scrumptious fluffy bun.

On my white wheat bread
I put my nutella chocolate spread.
I take the fruit jam and the chocolate spread jar
And go and put it in my blue car.

I drive my car towards the soothing countryside
Where I see a blue river that is very wide.
When I go for river rafting in a wooden brown boat
Next to the river on the land I see an Alpine goat.

Near the river there is a forest where I go for a jungle safari
From the safari van’s window, I see many trees.
On which there are nests of wasps and honeycombs of bees.

In the forest, I see so many different kinds of animals
I even see so many different kinds of mammals.
Some of the animals have fur, some have feather,
Because all the animals like to live in different types of weather.

I even see a magnificent, flowing waterfall
Which looks like a huge, liquid, blue wall.
On the ground, I see a tuft of grass
Which seems as strong as brass.

The forest and the wild was fresh and green
The jungle and the nature was luminous and clean.
Not far away from the forest, I see the Omnux road
I go there and in my car, stuff I load.


When I reach the road, I see a tree and its bark
Next to it there is the Omnux national park.
On my left side I see a man, who is the park’s guide,
He tells me the way to Omnux National Park’s special ride.

Later, I see a white bird called stork
Its beak was as sharp as a pointed fork.
On the water there was a humongous, brown log
That looked like a throne of the brown furry wild dog.

And on the water there was a leaf, on which sat a giant green frog
There I saw so many wild and unique animals and birds,
That I started thinking that there were more animals than English words!

After I go around the park, I buy and start eating a plum
Oh! I missed seeing the extinct animals’ museum.
Let’s keep it for later, as the sky has turned grey,
Finally after a thrilling adventure, I call it a day!!!

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