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Read with Sara: Story-Suzy and the chatty Mangoes

Read with sara stories for kids by young writer Reeva Gajjar Ahmedabad Bookosmia

Once upon a time there was a girl called Suzy who loved mangoes. One day her mother cut a bowl of mangoes on the table before going to work, so Suzy  could have it when she was back from school.

When Suzy’s mother left, she forgot to close the kitchen window. A crow was  eyeing the mangoes and waiting for Suzy’s mother to leave. Once the house  was empty, the crow came in and in excitement to eat the mangoes, he  dropped the open salt bottle in the water bowl lying next to the mangoes. He  got scared with all the noise, and flew away to his tree.


A strong wind started to blow, and the mangoes rolled in the bowl of salty  water. Some lightning also struck and some rays too fell on the bowl of salty water and mangoes. And suddenly some magic happened. The mangoes that  had fallen in the bowl suddenly became magical from the power of the  lightning and the salt water.

The mangoes could now talk and move. They came out of the water bowl and  sat on the kitchen counter waiting for someone to come home.

When Suzy came home, and saw the mangoes she was happy. She was about to take a bite, when the mangoes greeted her- “Hello Suzy, how are you  today?”
Suzy was too surprised and also a little scared that mangoes were talking and moving.  Slowly Suzy and mangoes started chatting and Suzy started  becoming their friend. That’s when the mangoes told her, that they have the  power to make her anything she wants to eat of mangoes. Suzy was super  happy listening to this.


But the mangoes told her this was a big SECRET and that she cannot share it, even with her mamma.  Suzy become worried and asked the mangoes, “Can I  please atleast tell my mother? As I never lie to my mom and always share all  my secrets with her.” Listening to this the mangoes become very happy and were proud of Suzy.


They were happy that she was such an honest kid, and would not keep any  secret from her mother. The mangoes happily agreed to share this little secret  with Suzy’s mother too. Suzy was very happy that now she could have  anything with mangoes and also not to have to lie to her mom.

And the Mangoes, Suzy and Suzy’s mom continued to be good friends.

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