Shivam Periwal

52 Years,
15 Years,
Shivam is a passionate writer and tries to achieve new goals through hard work and dedication. His hobby is to write stories and small meaningful paragraphs. Loved by all friends, he also tries to meet new people and get to know about their interests and hobbies as well as try to adapt their good habits. Shivam studies in La Martiniere for Boys [class 10], Kolkata. Shivam thinks that the greatest power known to humankind is unity and nothing else, and also that Earth is not just known as the only survivable planet or the blue planet, rather it is known by its people. Without it, Earth will just be a piece of rock floating through space. After all, peace is what every man, women and children are running after. Shivam’s thoughtful essay on racism was selected to be republished by the international Borderless Journal, based in Singapore. Bookosmia congratulates this young writer for being internationally published at such a young age.

By Shivam Periwal

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