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Over the past two years, the world has experienced such different shades of living. Obviously, there is the virus but other than that, we have seen governments fall, countries invaded, war, turmoil, political aggression, protests and what not. With so much happening around, one needs to adapt to all sorts of circumstances, and we can be grateful to everything that is happening around us. With these global issues, we are somewhat learning to adapt to everything.

Who would’ve thought that we would stay under a lockdown for the better part of a year. Living together in a house of 11 members, no matter how big or small the house is. I mean with such a number, we need to adjust to everything, don’t we? To get used to the fact that this particular person in the family will shout at  anyone if he/she is disturbed during work. We need to get used to the diverse music taste every single person has. But somehow the family survived without killing each other !! This is regarded as adaptivity.


To be fair, family won’t be the perfect example to showcase here, but imagine all the adults in the house who had been spending more than half of the day in the office, but one fine day we receive the announcement that we will be living around them the whole day. Shouldn’t we have to be ready to some new adaptations?

I will elaborate about a trait ,which I regard essential in today’s time and age: Adaptivity.  What is adaptability? It means the ability to get comfortable or somewhat blend into the surroundings. I believe that adaptability can help you in numerous ways, be it professional or informal. Your adaptivity in conversations can help you build your social circle, your adaptivity in a business meeting can help you in making your business grow.

Adaptivity is  the most under-rated skill, though there is a difference between being adapted to certain
things while not liking those things. For example, you might not like a particular topic of conversation
amongst a group of people. Some find this jist of uneasiness as a way of growing and adapting to every
circumstances. Their mind takes a path which says ,” It’s just fine, and you would have to deal with it.”  Trying to become adaptive can make you vulnerable to things as well, some get lost in the basic difference  mentioned above. They forget to differentiate between right and wrong.

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