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The Silent Screaming Voices | Poem | Bookosmia

What causes anxiety in the life of young teenagers ? Explore in thisΒ poemΒ by 13 year old Chetanya from Delhi.

anxiety poem bookosmia

The voices in my head
Want me to go to bed
Cannot hear a single voice say
Wakeup! Shine! It’s a new day

My mind goes blank
As I see someone online do a plank
Insecurities creep in
Wish I could throw them in the bin

The work is due tomorrow
I should rather be in sorrow
People say that life’s a test
Who’ll help me get out of this quest

This hectic life tires me
What if my boss fires me
Let’s take a moment out of this mess
We will find a way out soon I guess

Wish I could fly high
Beyond the sky
Out with the clouds
With no concern of my whereabouts.

Cloud poem Bookosmia

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  1. Amazing poem β€οΈπŸ’
    Glad to know that u r also selected for national writer of the week…keep it up chet ✨

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